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Other carriers can only rely on their own or a network they are reselling leaving themselves and customers vulnerable to a host of interruptions from natural disasters to network failures, while Hunter Carrier Services utilizes multiple tier one infrastructures offering the most reliable service ensuring uptime. While working with Police, Municipalities, Medical facilities, School districts and other essential organizations it was clear that the only point of failure out of our control were our clients carriers. All too often critical communications of first responders would be severed by carrier outages. Although we had in place fail-over service via our Hunter Technologies data center, it became apparent that we wanted to address outages at the carrier level offering our clients a service they could depend on. Our mission was to create a service in which we addressed service interruptions and could position our clients to remain up in the event of onsite failures.  With our Enhanced SIP service and our commitment to top notch support Hunter Carrier Services was born.


Ivo Allen


Ivo Allen, a nearly 30-year veteran of the telecom industry, launched Hunter Carrier Services (Hunter CS) in 2017 after founding Hunter Technologies, a New Jersey-based government telecom contractor. After spending decades supporting police and mission critical clients, Allen recognized that the level of service being provided by telecom companies was insufficient and didn’t meet the needs of police and other emergency public safety services that require around the clock connectivity.

Allen noticed that more than 50% of all support tickets at Hunter Technologies were in response to carrier outages. That’s what inspired him to found Hunter Carrier Services, a communication services company designed for reliability that would specifically provide service to emergency public service agencies and other organizations that require constant connectivity for their voice services.

Allen now serves as the CEO of 911inform, a public safety company providing mission critical situational awareness to the existing 911 system. 911inform is the only notification and security management platform that bridges the gap between first responders and organizations. It enables full situational-awareness and communication across multiple platforms allowing for transparency into any situation where a request for emergency services occurs, to include both landline and wireless calls.

Gene Landino


Gene Landino was working with Ivo in the telcom industry for nearly ten years as operations director when Hunter Carrier Services was born. Gene worked direct with Hunter Technologies’ mission critical clients specializing in communication company outages and service insufficiencies.

Landino was the first contact for police and public service agencies who were experiencing service interruptions and the need of telcom carrier support. This experience made him the logical choice to help in developing HCS offering his clients the reliable service and control over their telecommunications services they desperately needed.

Gene now Vice President of HCS continues to work hand in hand with all the HCS critical service clients. Landino oversees all Hunter Carrier Services day to day operations with Ivo Allen focusing on 911 inform. As Hunter Carrier Services has grown Gene continues to be the direct contact for each and every current and new Police and public safety agency.