Hunter Carrier Services is the only enhanced SIP service utilizing multiple tier 1 infrastructures in tandem with AWS designed specifically for first responders, police, local government,schools, universities and numerous critical services whose service must not be interrupted. Our platform provides our clients thru our 24 hour support team the ability to take control of their telecommunications when needed.

  • Continuously monitored traffic ensuring call quality

HCS utilizes Amazon Web Service, Multiple geographic SIP servers and smart technology to detect an issue before it occurs and route your phone traffic accordingly.

  • Verizon LTE backup
    services for on-site
    internet service

HCS offers LTE fail-over trunking for clients’ Internet service failures maintaining full functionality.

  • Unlimited national
    database entries for
    organizations in need
    of multiple caller IDs

HCS has the ability to create multiple caller IDs for businesses operating under separate names unlike any of our competitors.

  • Enhanced SIP Service

HCS Enhanced SIP offers our
clients direct control over
their services with multiple
redundancies tailored for each
client’s needs.

  • Unlimited forwarding

When disasters occur, HCS can
forward selected numbers to
outside cell and landlines at a
moment’s notice.

  • Backup SIP trunking

HCS offers a backup SIP service
designed specifically to function
as the main service in the event
of a carrier outage.

  • DID and toll-free
    management made

HCS will maintain your Toll-free
numbers on the same service,
unlike other carriers who need to
forward to provisioned numbers
eliminating a point of failure.

  • E911 Services

HCS ensures each and every
user passes the correct address
information for single and
multi-location businesses limiting
the time it takes first responders
to arrive.

  • FCC business profile
    registration with the FCC

HCS will create and file your business profile with the FCC making sure all your numbers carry the highest level of attestation ensuring calls aren’t blocked or categorized as spam.

  • Backup Dispatch call recording

HCS can remotely record and store your dispatch center calls ensuring redundancy for onsite failures.

  • 911 call notifications

HCS offers notifications of 911 calls from any single or multi location deployment.



With HCS all our plans include local/long distance Canada calling. Due to the ramped hacking environment Hunter Carrier Service blocks all International dialing by default. Unlike other carriers HCS can allow calling only to those countries you specify. By doing this we have Added another layer of protection for our clients.