• Police

Designed for the boys in blue whose communication is critical to public safety.

  • State & Local

Public safety relies on our municipalities to always be reachable. Our service was specially designed to be reliable with multiple redundancies built in.

  • K-12 & Higher

Our schools must remain online. Our service has the ability to broadcast multiple addresses for large campus settings for first responders. Our competition doesn’t have this capability extending critical response time to 911 calls.

  • Legal

The lifeline of every legal practice is the need to be always at the ready. Our Enhanced SIP with LTE backup ensures our clients never miss a call to action.

  • Banking

With billions of transactions happening daily our financial clients are basically closed without phone service. HCS offers multiple solutions ensuring no matter how the network is built our service will always remain reliable.

  • Manufacturing

With the high demand put on our manufacturing clients today, Hunter Carrier Services makes sure the lines are open and the order is received.

  • Logistical

When is absolutely, positively needs to be there, Hunter Carrier Services doesn’t miss a beat in the fast paced logistical vertical.

  • Healthcare

Our SIP services allow multi-site providers to scale as much as needed with growth while cutting the costs of traditional carrier services offering superior service.